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Our Activities and Programs


We give knowledge of primary education, formal education, general knowledge, manners & etiquettes, sports knowledge, health & hygiene education, painting, drawing.


According to our resources, we provide them daily nutritious food, fruits, clean water, milk and other food.


We teach them daily extra skills activities above 08-24 years children like computer, singing, dancing, tabla, harmonium, Fashion Designing, cutting & tailoring.

Personality Development

We organize yoga, sports, activities for personality development.

Medical & Health hygiene

We provide them health facilities time to time. We give them Iron & calcium tablets.

Special Care

A girl, Geeta is suffering from an eye-problem so we decided for her a surgery. A boy, Pintu has Under developed Brain so we have started special program for him.

Orphan Care

Omprakash and Rekha have no family so we are taking care of them. Omprakash has a grandmother, he lives with her and she is 65 years old. Rekha is very good in studies so we are helping her in dreams.

Awareness Program

In Baduali, there are 2500 BPL families out of which 75% people don’t have their permanent home. We provide them awareness program by arranging camps.

Special events

On 25 December, 2015, they celebrated Christmas Day and on 01 January, they celebrated New Year’s Day.